ETRS 2022

From 09/15/2022 to 09/17/2022

Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon - 15 parvis René Descartes, 69007 Lyon


Dear participants, dear colleagues,

After this long period of distancing, the year 2022 will hopefully allow, our multidisciplinary and international community to come together in a friendly atmosphere in the beautiful city of Lyon, France.

Tissue repair and regeneration are topics of major public health concern. Inadequate wound healing following trauma or surgery and diseases/conditions that involve mis-regulated tissue repair responses, such as diabetes mellitus, aging, cancer, and fibrosis affect millions worldwide per year. The repair of wounds is a complex biological process as multiple biological pathways become activated and are synchronized to respond to the injury. The molecular mechanisms underlying tissue repair or its failure are not completely understood and the current therapy options are not sufficient. The search for clinical strategies is based on a thorough understanding of the basic biology of repair and regeneration processes, and is at the cutting edge of modern medicine. One key ambition is to find ways in which we can tip the balance from imperfect wound repair to perfect regeneration of injured tissues as demonstrated by many organisms during evolution, following wounding.

ETRS 2022 meeting combines seven scientific sessions focusing on several topics relevant to regenerative medicine. 1. Tissue regeneration lessons from organisms’ diversity 2. Epithelial insults and innovative therapies 3. Tissue engineering and 3D printing 4. Bone and cartilage repair 5. Cell dynamics in tissue remodeling 6. Chronic, infected wounds and biomarkers 7. Dermo-cosmetic approaches of skin regeneration and wellness.

Basic and translationally-oriented scientists as well as clinicians will present their cutting-edge findings and discuss themes relevant to fundamental principles of tissue repair and regeneration, the pathologies embracing tissue repair failure, and newly emerging therapeutic approaches.

The understanding of the mechanisms of tissue and cellular regeneration is a revolution for the dermo-cosmetic field. It is a source of inspiration to many rejuvenation concepts, and development of innovative technologies enabling the production of functional reconstructed tissue in vitro. In this way, dermo-cosmetic research helps to advance knowledge and promote its transfer.

An early career investigators pre-conference session will be entirely organized by early career scientists, practitioners and young members of industry. Apart from the formal presentations and poster sessions, opportunities for informal gatherings should facilitate initiation of collaborations amongst the delegates attending the meeting.

Lyon, September 27, 2021,

Patricia Rousselle
Conference Chair